Personalized Woman Necklace. Infinite. Gold Color. 4 Names

Personalized women's necklace in infinity with 4 first names, gold color


Personalized Woman Necklace. Infinite. Gold color. 4 Names.

Pendant size: 3cm x 1cm.

Necklace length: 45cm.

How to personalize your jewelry?

Below are the options that allow you to customize your jewelry as you wish.

If, for example, you have selected a jewel with 3 first names, and you only want to enter 2, leave the option of last name 3 empty.

Likewise, if you have selected for example a jewel with 3 birthstones, and you only want to select 2, leave the last stone on "April", which is a more neutral stone.

Instead of a name, you can, if you wish, leave a date, or a (short) text.

When finalizing the order, when selecting your delivery method, you can also leave us a message if you wish.

Finally, you can also contact us after ordering to freely tell us what you want.

Rest assured, we pay attention to personalization. In case of forgetting or suspicious error, we will contact you automatically.

Additional information

Usual delivery time

UK-IE: 3 weeks on average

Payments, Shipping, Refund and return policy

   Payment: bank card, PayPal and others: przzelewy24, Google Pay, Klarna, EPS, iDeal, SOFORT, bancontact, giropay. + INFORMATIONS

    Free delivery. + INFORMATIONS

    Refunds and returns: accepted within 14 days + INFORMATIONS

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SooYoove, infinite love and dream, is a brand distributed by YooLoove and SooLoove.

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Personalized Woman Necklace. Infinite. Gold color. 4 Names.

Pendant size: 3cm x 1cm.

Necklace length: 45cm.

Why choose personalized jewelry?

Whether for yourself or for a loved one, personalizing your jewelry will allow you to give (or give yourself) a unique gift.

It will be an ideal gift for various occasions: Christmas, Mother's Day, Birthday, Newborn, Wedding Anniversary, and Valentine's Day.

Why choose an infinite jewel?

The word infinite comes from the Latin "infinitas" which means "without border".

Referred to in mathematics as a number that never ends, the symbol has been taken up to represent everlasting love.

Thus, by registering the first name (s) of the people who matter to you, in the "infinite" symbol, you show that you have an eternal love for them.

What precautions should be taken for its good preservation?

In order to preserve the quality of your jewel, here are the recommendations to follow:

Avoid contact with water, detergents, and perspiration.

To do this, remove your jewel:

Before swimming (bath, pool, sea)

Before going to sleep. Put it back the next day after washing.

Before any sporting activity

Before any cleaning activity

In case of strong heat

Product Details

Number Of Names
Metal Color
Golden Gold
45 cm
Main Color


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